Whoops sorry this newsletter is a day late this week, I was convinced that yesterday was Wednesday – don’t know why???  Anyway here I am better late than never.  I must say it was so lovely to bump into a lady on Sunday who said,”I made those blueberry muffins from last week’s newsletter and they were lovely”  It was lovely to hear because when I send out these newsletters you just don’t know if people are reading them or if they like the recipes etc…

Talking of cooking the picture above is my godson Elliot and his sister Isabella – we made fairy cakes – it was so cute, but boy you had to be quick with them as their hands were everywhere trying to help – they tasted pretty good too!!

So as the winter draws in now, British Gas have just announced that they are hiking their prices again – I mean it is such a bloody cheek – they know that the country is suffering financially and they are making millions in profits every year – it’s just greed.  I know a lot of people that are trying their best not to turn on the heating and put on more jumpers instead.  As with everything though there is always a plus and the plus is more and more people are switching to Utility Warehouse because we are cheaper.  I have signed up lots of new customers this month already, so at least I can help!

This Fat Loss fortnight is off to a flying start and my ladies are doing well, I am really looking forward to their end of week one results.  I must say now that I have given up the early mornings I have so much more energy and am loving all of my classes again – especially the legs, bums & tums – there were a lot of sore legs after Tuesday night – myself included.  I am on a mission to get myself back to super fitness at the moment and have started running again too – it is KILLING!!!  I am supposed to be running up Snowdon in about 3 weeks too!!!

I have decided to go crazy and run a special offer on the next beginner’s pole dancing course which is a 4 week course, one hour a week, teaching you the basics of how to spin and climb a pole.  It normally costs £57.00 for the 4 weeks but if you book before midnight Saturday, 13th October then it will only be £37.00, so bite the bullet book your Pole Dancing Lessons here.


Recipe of the Week

Apologies if I have posted this recipe before, I really can’t remember, but it is bloody gorgeous!!  This is a recipe by Claire Evans and I am really happy to say I am off to her house this Saturday evening and she is cooking for me – yum yum can’t wait!!!!

Coconut Chilli Prawns.


Serves 2

Dozen large prawns
1 shallot finely sliced
1 clove garlic
2 tbs fish sauce
1/2 tbs dark brown sugar
1 tsp kaffir lime leaves (you can get these now in most supermarkets in the spices aisle, otherwise Carmens in craig y don)
1 Green chilli (seeds removed, unless you want it seriously hot)
1 lemon grass stalk (remove the outer husk and chop very very finely)
1/2 tin Coconut milk
Cashew nuts, crushed


Stir fry the shallot, garlic and lemongrass until soft, then basically add everything else except the prawns and nuts. Bring to the boil, add the prawns and turn heat down. Once prawns are pink, serve. Add nuts on the top. Job done.

Serve with green veg, maybe basmati brown rice, sauteed pak choi would be good too.

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Have a fantastic week,

Zara x

P.S – Book your Pole Dancing lessons NOW!!