Hi all how are you?  Here is your weekly newsletter to keep you up to date with everything that is happening in the studio.

I can’t believe it is September already, where has this year gone?  After a mental couple of weeks of different friends visiting I am pleased to say that my house is now quiet, time to get myself back to being organised (or as organised as I am ever going to be) again.  I did a car boot sale on Saturday – what a bloody waste of time – I made £11.00, it cost me £6.00 entry and then petrol to Rhyl and back and I had to get up at 6.00 a.m. – never again!!

I know I have mentioned in previous newsletters that I am now a Utility Warehouse distributor so have my own little business on the side which is absolutely nothing to do with fitness, but I can honestly say that I love working it.  I really enjoy watching people’s faces when I save them money, and so far I have saved a lot of money for people.  I saved one friend £621.00 on her gas, leccy, phone and broadband – that is an amazing saving, because at the end of the day gas is gas and electric is electric, so who cares which company it comes from as long as it is the cheapest you can possible pay?

The other reason I love working with this company as there is always heaps of free training if you want to better yourself and lots of motivational meetings and there are all types of people there – I went to a meeting called Charles Angels in Runcorn on Tuesday night which was a get together for ladies only.  A lot of ladies stood up and told their story of how they had got to earning what they do now – there was a Barrister, a Cafe Owner, a Property Owner – such a wide range of professions.  There was lots of useful information also so you left absolutely buzzing, I have got lots of appointments this week – I am determined to get the free mini very soon and of course a nice residual income!!

I have been very busy this week choreographing lots of new routines – Fighting Fit, Hi NRG which I am pleased to say they went down a storm, I have got a new Pole Dance routine for tonight.  Also I have my brand new Fat Loss Fortnight program which launches on Monday 10th September, I have been filming new fat burning and toning routines.  It is funny filming routines, when you teach a class if something gets a bit too hard or if you are bit tired and sore you can stop and rest, when you are filming you have to keep going and try your best to look like it’s easy – not too sure I pull it off but I do try!!

If you are interested in trying my Fat Loss fortnight please click on the previous link and get yourself booked in

.  It will be run through a private facebook group and will be daily 10 minute workouts and daily nutritional information.  This program does what it says on the tin – fat loss in a fortnight!!

Monday nights Free Taster pole class had a great turn out and was a bundle of laughs, the actual beginners course starts this coming Monday, 10th September at 8.15 p.m. – at the moment there are still 5 spaces available so if you are interested in really toning your body and are the kind of person that is not a fan of the normal gym workout then this is definitely for you.  Click here to join.

Sooooo have you booked your Free Week Trial starting on Monday 10th September?  Are you someone that wants to change the way they look and feel, do you start things with all good intentions but then get sidetracked easily.  Fitness camps are the perfect way to keep you on track as you are part of a group, part of a community of like minded people that all want the same goal as you – to be fitter and feel amazing.  You must book as once you have booked you will receive your 7 day nutrition plan and also all the information you need to get started.


 Most of the classes have now re-started, Ben Brodie’s Adult Street Dance class last night was awesome or sick as the kids would say, the track that he was using was wicked.  If you didn’t come last night then you really must attend next week at 7.45 p.m.  I will get some video footage to show you soon.  I really loved teaching the new Hi NRG and Fighting Fit routines this week – there was an awful lot of energy and laughs in both classes (more in Hi NRG every time someone went wrong!)

Cookery Course.

Are you like me and not very good in the kitchen?  Well a very good friend of mine Claire Evans has now set up cookery classes – which will teach you exactly how to cook really tasty food which is highly nutritional.  She has spent the last couple of years taking recipes and tweaking them to make sure that they fit in with the Elimination Diet style of eating but doesn’t ever compromise on taste.  This really is a must and as I have made quite a few of Claire’s recipes they are never complicated.

The venue – The Beautiful Bodnant Welsh Food Centre – a proposed date is the 13th September – there are only 12 spaces per course and the theme will be along the lines of East meets West.  Just click here to book.

Recipe of the Week

Mediterranean Pasta.

1 clove garlic, finely chopped
1 shallot, finely sliced
1 tsp ras el hout (you could use all-spice but only use a tiny pinch as very over powering, you could also use ground cumin, coriander, nutmeg and cinnamon, combine together and use a 1tsp)
Olive oil
Gluten free pasta
salt and pepper
Optional goats cheese
Greek or normal basil


Cook pasta as per instructions. I ALWAYS add a knob of butter in, gives the pasta a creamy texture. In a wok, frying pan or large pan, add the oil, once hot add the onion, fry for a couple of minutes then add the garlic. Add the spice and fry lightly but don’t burn. turn heat down add the olives. Once pasta is cooked, drain and add to the spice mix. Add the spinach and basil and toss until is part wilted. Add seasoning. Serve. add an extra dash of olive oil, sprinkle goats cheese on if using and tear a basil leaf on top.


You could also add a tbsp of pine nuts.

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Have a fantastic week,

Zara x

P.S – If you want fast results then book onto the Fat Loss Fortnight Program now!!