It was on a whim that I signed up for KSFL.  My baby is 8 months old and for the previous 4 months, I had worked hard to lose the extra weight, attending 5 classes per week and running.  I felt I was eating healthily yet I could not shift those extra pounds.

It was the best whim I have had in a long time! I feel fantastic and most of the weight has gone in 14 days on this program.  I still have a way to go but I believe that undertaking a program like this is merely the beginning of a new path.  It’s a kick start not only to fat loss but to a new relationship with food; one which I intend to nurture.

The eating plan was tough for the first week but hey life is tough and if anything is worth having, it is worth working for!  By day 6, it became routine and by the end of the second week, I found it relatively easy, normal in fact.

The exercise was only 10 minutes a day, again, this was tough but I love the way I feel after exercise so I keep going.

I gained a great deal of support from the other girls who had also signed up.  I have never met 3 of them but the online chats were really helpful. It was good to know how others felt and that I wasn’t the only one struggling and, often, that gave me the encouragement I needed to continue.

Zara was on hand to offer advice and support.  I liked the ‘not knowing’ in advance what the eating plan was for the whole program, it was so much easier to focus on one day at a time and deal with tomorrow as and when it arrived!

I lost 9lb in total and to be honest, how much I weigh does not bother me, what I am interested in is the way I feel in my clothes and in just 14 days I dropped a whole size and it feels great.

The program taught me a great deal about food and the body and how they both work together.  KSFL does exactly what it says on the tin – it gives you a kick start and often, that’s all the encouragement I needed.  It was, and is, a journey well worth travelling.

Paula x


Lucy Bayliss (pictured) at the start of the 14 day Kick Start Fat Loss and at the end in her bridesmaid dress which was her aim to fitinto it comfortably and look glamorous and as you can see, she certainly has achieved that!  She lost a total of 6 lbs and 16 inches is 14 days – AMAZING!

I did  Zara’s Kick Start Fat Loss as I needed to lose more weight for my final dress fitting for my wedding and want to say thank you very much for letting me do the programme! I feel great! And my I love how my stomach has changed in a week!! Not a six pack lol! But after 3 children this is the flatest it’s ever been! Still a wobble at the bottom! But I am more than happy with the results!! So thank

Leah Edwards