Ha ha I am a little tiddly writing this today – it’s my Mum’s birthday today (Elvis too) and so we had to go out and celebrate – we decided to do early doors as we both have things on tomorrow so didn’t want to be getting drunk and staying out late and then being tired tomorrow morning.  We met some friends at an American style diner and my Mum had such a shock when I had organised a cake to come out and the restaurant starting playing Happy Birthday and then Cliff Richards Congratulations after – bless her, I did take photos but she made me promise not to put any on facebook or the internet otherwise I would post a pic here for you all to see me gorgeous mother!  American Diners don’t have any healthy options on the menu – also out of 10 different type of burgers not one veggie which I find quite mad in this day and age, I am what you would call a pescatarian so that makes life a little easier, but surely if you can have 10 different types of meat burgers you could add a veggie one?  All in all though it was a really good evening – lots of laughs with fantastic company and my Mum went home happy!