Wow it is now 2016 – I am super excited for this year it is going to be amazing!!!  I have to say though getting back to exercise this week is hurting quite a lot – it just doesn’t seem fair – I have exercised most days for 20 years take a couple of weeks off and pain again!! I am going to be putting my name down for the Nick Beer 10k run in Llandudno in February so I need to get training for that – I am going to get myself into tip top shape this year starting now!  How many people out there have set New Years Resolutions this year to get fit and lose a few pounds I wonder – I was told today by someone that works in the Leisure Centre that the huge January surge only lasts a couple of months and by March most of the people have given up again.  This is pretty sad really, as it only takes 21 days of doing something over and over again for a new habit to be formed – so why can’t people form a new habit of exercising and then stick to it as part of the daily routine I wonder?  Is it because the results don’t show fast enough or is it people just get bored of exercise?  I reckon it’s because people are too impatient for huge changes or they take on too much and then just can’t stick to the New Years resolution regime, changing your body does happen it just takes consistent effort and not giving up!  If anyone would like to get in touch for some moral support then please do – I am going to lose a stone and a half which I know is going to have it’s ups and downs so I understand what everyone else is going through.  I am not quite ready yet to publish my current before pics as I have to admit I am a little embarrassed but I will, nothing like getting it out there to spur you on further eh?